Trzy Wyspy Hotel*** is also a MEDI area, which offers a wide range of treatments of physiotherapy. We have prepared for you a holistic offer that combines relaxation with fitness, health and beauty improvement. Medi Centre & Spa is a place where you take care of your body regaining peace of mind and vitality. The rest in the Trzy Wyspy Hotel *** is also a rich treatments offer. Professional treatments are carried out in the offices equipped with modern medical equipment in an effective way affect the well-being of our guests and help them quickly improve health.


Mon. -Fri. 7: 00- 20:00
Saturday 10: 00- 18:00
Sunday 11: 00- 19:00
(Hours are subject to change due to seasonality)


Peat mud wraps- heat treatment alleviates pain, soothes and relaxes the body. Mud wraps are recommended in degenerative processes of joints and joint cartilage, post-traumatic arthritis bones and muscles, soft tissue rheumatism and chronic diseases of the spine.

50 PLN


Fango Paraffin wraps- pleasantly warm Fango mass is applied on the treatment site thereby obtaining relaxation, muscle relaxation, improving circulation and excretion from the tissues of harmful products of metabolism.

30 PLN


Sollux- this is a treatment that uses visible and invisible (infrared and ultraviolet) radiation on the skin of the patient. Red and blue glass filters are used for treatments. The red glass has a stimulant and anti-inflammatory effect. On the other hand, the blue glass has toning, calming and analgesic effect.

12 PLN


Local cryotherapy- is a form of treatment and rehabilitation, which uses low temperatures. The major advantages flowing from the cold treatment include, among others, reducing muscle tension, increase immunity and improve well-being.

25 PLN


Massage is one of the oldest methods of physiotherapy. It is a collection of various techniques and manual tricks, which mechanically affect the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules, and the way reflex also on the cardiovascular system, nervous system, endocrine and internal organs.

40 PLN - 15 min
80 PLN - 30 min
140 PLN- 50 min


Lymphatic drainage - With the help of the therapist's hands it is improving lymph circulation. This way you can prevent diseases resulting from congestive edema, inflammation and lymph 

80 PLN- 30 min
160 PLN - 60 min


Reflexology- performed on the sore area of the body. During the massage there are different techniques and tricks that physiotherapist adjusts to the current state of the patient. This may be a neck massage, facial, and a special massage of legs.

60 PLN


Electrotherapy - is a symptomatic treatment by acting at a place suitable type of current treatment. Treatments are effective against pain, cause congestion of local tissues and of their better nutrition. Using electrotherapy stimulation it is also possible to affected muscles and improve their functioning.

12 PLN


Inhalationis a procedure involving the inhalation of steam mineral water spa, medicinal solutions or aerosols. The procedure is performed using special devices called inhalers.

15 PLN


Laser- low energy Biostimulation Laser Treatment is a modern physical method involving the delivery to the place of the human body energy in the form of light. It is used to direct tissue processes without damage. The biostimulation uses laser radiation from the infrared range and red, because it penetrates deep into the tissue

15 -25 PLN


Ultrasound – this is a procedure that uses sound waves of high frequency. This procedure entails action: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, speeding the flow of lymph in the lymphatic vessels and increase the absorption, activates blood circulation, accelerate wound healing, increase the extensibility of connective tissue in scars, reducing muscle tension.

20 PLN


Phonophoresis: This is a treatment involving the introduction of certain drugs through the skin (gel, ointment) using ultrasound.

20 PLN


Magnetotherapy- is a treatment involving the application of an alternating magnetic field of low frequency. Exhibits analgesic and anti-inflammatory, positive effect on the healing process, accelerating bone healing and tissue regeneration after injury.

20 PLN



Hydromassageis performed automatically under water. With a pleasant stream of water and air that massages the body submerged in pleasantly warm water, we get the perfect effect of relief and relaxation. Hydromassage also aligns blood pressure, regulates insomnia, improves ventilation of the lungs and regulates breathing, cleanses the skin and regulates the digestive system.

40 PLN


Brine bath- operation of brine baths involves irritant sodium ions, calcium, magnesium, iron, carbonate ions on the motion-vascular nerve endings. Baths with salt cause skin vasodilation, they strengthen the skin and reinforce its resistance to allergic factors. Bathing, by stimulating blood circulation, exert analgesic and muscle relaxants. The use of brine helps to combat unpleasant symptoms, relaxes and nourishes the skin.

45 PLN


Bubble bath in brine- air bubbles introduced into the water with the therapeutic salt act on the body in two ways. Firstly, gently irritate the skin causing a so-called micro massage and relaxation effect . In contrast, immersion of the body in the brine improves peripheral blood circulation, enhances immunity, they are also used for degenerative diseases and rheumatic and as one of the best treatments for psoriasis.

45 PLN


Whirlpool massage of the lower limbs- is a form of underwater massage of the lower limbs. It beneficially affects easing of the muscle tension, improves peripheral circulation, reduces swelling.

25 PLN


Hot and cold bath therapy-  a treatment for the lower limbs; by changing the temperature of the water such bath improves the mobility of the walls of blood vessels, stimulates blood circulation, and increases immunity.

35 PLN



Therapeutic gymnastics (B)- Treatment with movement is the basis of rehabilitation. Its purpose is to restore full or maximum possible fitness during a particular disease. Exercise is the most physiological way of treatment. Movement and work properly dosed increase the capacity and efficiency of the cardiovascular system, and reduces them the lack of adequate amount of exercise, motion and drill.

15 PLN


Gymnastics in the pool (B) -Exercising in the water is among the safest forms of physical activity. The risk of injury is minimal, so water activities are recommended for everyone, even for pregnant women.

20 PLN


Kinesiotaping (B)- a therapeutic method used for pain in post-traumatic, orthopedic and neurological diseases. In lesions places apply special sticking plasters are used. Thanks to them the pain is reduced, swelling and bruising rapidly absorbed.

40 PLN


Aqua Center

In the Trzy Wyspy Hotel ***we make sure that our guests are in good shape, so the price includes the Aqua Center with swimming pool, hot tubs, saunas, ice pit, relaxation zone, gym and fitness room. For the more demanding guests, a unique salt cave will be like a walk along the sea shore in the morning.


Nordic Walking

This is not the end of the attractions that we anticipate for our guests. Lovers of outdoor activity can count on Nordic Walking and biking tours through the land of 44 islands.

20 PLN