Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Guests,

Health is the highest priority of the Three Islands Hotel & SPA and the safety of both guests and employees, which is why we would like to familiarize you with our activities in connection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

These rules apply today, please keep in mind that they may change until Your arrival.

  1. Upon arrival, each Guest will be asked to complete a short survey on health status. If the Guest is a quarantine person, unfortunately he cannot be with us. If the Guest feels bad and has a high temperature, please cancel the arrival, because we will not be able to accommodate such a person.
  2.  We ask each guest to wear their own mask and move around in public spaces, both inside and outside. From October 10th 2020, based on the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of October 9, 2020, Poland is in the yellow zone and the obligation to cover the mouth and nose is imposed. The obligation to wear masks does not apply in parks, forests, beaches and during sports activities. You can buy masks at the reception.
  1. Hotel & SPA Trzy Wyspy has always worked with entities that are specialists in the field of hygienic safety. Thanks to the support of our experienced partners, we are able to provide our guests with a safe service in the form of cleaning and disinfection. Disinfecting liquids are available in many places in the Hotel for guests and employees.
  2. On-site disinfection is carried out on a regular basis - at least every hour, of general toilets, elevators, reception desk, door handles, handrails, handles, telephones, computer keyboards, devices in social rooms and other frequently touched surfaces.
  3. We disinfect all Hotel facilities made available to guests.
  4. We will systematically ventilate a common areas of the Hotel.
  5. In a public place - Reception - we have placed a list of necessary telephone numbers for sanitary and epidemiological stations, medical services, etc.
  6. The use of the swimming pool and gym is allowed only for guests staying for at least one hotel night.
  7. It is forbidden to stay in the Hotel by persons who are not registered, except for employees
  8. It is possible to use the conference rooms on the terms described in current law (maintaining a social distance of at least 1,5 m distance)
  9. In connection with the threat of COVID-19 virus, the Hotel reserves the right to suspend or limit services that would increase the risk to guests and hotel staff.
  10. At the Hotel we have appointed and prepared a room in which it will be possible to isolate a person temporarily in the event of symptoms.
  11. We encourage you to make non-cash payments.
  12. We limit the cleaning of rooms, which will take place at the express request of the Guest.
  13. The hotel's blow dryers are forbidden to use in public bathrooms.
  14. All rooms after the departure of guests are fogged for 30 seconds with a specialized disinfection device and aired for 30 minutes.
  15. In the interests of safety, we have removed unnecessary items and decorations from the rooms.
  16. Defects will be removed at the Guest's express request in his presence, the remaining ones will be removed in the Guest's absence.
  17. We have introduced telephone booking of treatment dates, each guest is required to complete a short qualifying survey.
  18. Medical examinations take place at strictly designated hours. In order to limit crowding at the Guests' waiting room, guests are notified by phone about the need to go to the examination.
  19. Buffet meals, available in groups. Entry to the buffet is obligatory after hand disinfection, wearing disposable gloves (disinfectant and gloves are provided by the Hotel) and own masks (masks can be purchased at the hotel reception)
  20. Breakfast and dinner are divided into groups.
  • Breakfast: 8:00; 9:00;
  • Lunch: 13: 00-15: 00
  • Dinner: 17:00; 18:00; 
  1. In the restaurant, cafe and bar, there is a limit of 4 m2 per person.
  2. All employees of Hotel & SPA Trzy Wyspy are obliged to follow the procedures implemented by the facility and to work in protective masks and gloves.
  3. Before entering the hotel, we measure the temperature of all employees, in the event of a fever and illness symptoms, the employee is immediately isolated.


If you need help or have any questions for us regarding reservations or precautions, please contact us at: + 48 91 884 00 00 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Both forms of contact are available 7 days a week.


Every day, it is our role to meet all the expectations of our guests, but at this special time we are forced to ask for greater cooperation and understanding and respect for the above principles.

Thank you for being with us.


The management and team of Hotel & SPA Trzy Wyspy Świnoujście