Hotel & Spa Trzy Wyspy Świnoujście, Świnoujście
Hotel & Spa Trzy Wyspy Świnoujście, Świnoujście
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Regulations for staying with an animal

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Regulations for staying with an animal


In the interests of the safety and satisfaction of both you, other guests and our employees, we kindly ask you to comply with the following regulations:

  1. The stay of the animal in the Hotel requires the approval of the Hotel Reception. It takes place at the stage of making the reservation of the stay.
  2. When booking, please indicate the species / breed of the animal. The hotel reserves the right to refuse to accept animals that are generally considered threatening or aggressive.
  3. The pet should stay only in the room to which it is assigned to.
  4. For the sake of comfort and safety of the animal left alone in the room, the Hotel reserves the right to ask the Guest for a telephone number when checking in with the animal.
  5. The animal admitted to the hotel must be healthy, must have a book with valid vaccinations (rabies) and be dewormed.
  6. The hotel reserves the right to refuse to accept a sick animal that is undergoing convalescence or does not have the required veterinary certificates.
  7. The owner of the animal declares that the animal is healthy and does not pose a threat to other people and animals.
  8. The animal should stay in the room. Outside the room, it must be led on a leash / in a carrier / on hands and under the care of the owner. In special cases, the hotel reserves the right to introduce a muzzle order.
  9. It is unacceptable to use hotel towels and bed linen for the needs of animals, stay of animals on beds and sofas, and take care of physiological needs in the room.
  10. In the event of an emergency, please contact the Hotel Reception immediately in order to call the person on duty from the floor service.
  11. The animal may be accommodated only in rooms specially designated by the Hotel (building 3, level 0).
  12. One medium-sized or two small animals can stay in a hotel room (each paid separately).
  13. The owner of the animal is financially responsible for the damage caused by it and is obliged to clean up after it (both inside and outside the hotel). The owner of the animal should also make sure that the pet's behavior does not disturb the peace of other guests (e.g. with loud barking, screeching).
  14. If it is found that an animal left in the room disturbs the stay of other guests, destroys the property of the hotel, or may cause a threat to itself or other guests, the Hotel will immediately contact the owner to solve the problem. If the contact becomes impossible, the hotel reserves the right to enter the guest's room, also with the possible help of appropriate services. All costs resulting from the above activities are covered by the owner of the animal.
  15. For the safety of our employees and other Guests and their pets, please use appropriate door hangers.
  16. It is forbidden to bring pets to the restaurant and the SPA zone in the hotel (including the swimming pool, gym, playroom). It is possible to enter HTW Cafe and Keja Bar with a small, quiet animal.
  17. The owner declares that he has read the regulations for the stay of animals at Trzy Islands Hotel & SPA and accepts its provisions.
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