Pedicure without nail polishing 140 pln
Pedicure with nail polishing 160 pln
Hybrid pedicure  180 pln
Hybrid removal 40 pln / in a procedure 20 pln
Japanese pedicure (without nail polishing) 170 pln
Hybrid footnail polishing 110 pln
Nail polishing / includes cutting, grinding and painting nails with traditional nail polish  100 pln
Cutting and grinding toenails / without nail polishing  (  80 pln
Cosmetic foot milling  80 pln
Foot care / bath,scrub,mask,cream 80 pln
*each cosmetic pedicure includes bath, scrub, mask and cream.
Therapeutic pedicure / preparation of pathologically changed areas  60‘  140 pln


Thickened,clawed,hypertrophic nails    30-50 pln/ 1 nail
Reconstruction of fungal nails   70 pln/ 1 nail
Buckle on ingrown toenails  210 pln/ 1 nail
Tamponade for ingrown nail / dressing    40 pln
Removal: calluses, poromas,corns cracks and chasms on heels  50 pln/ area
Podiatric consultation (outside the treatment)     50 pln


Manicure without nail polishing   70 pln
Manicure with nail polishing    90 pln
Hybrid manicure 110 pln
Hybrid removal  40 pln / in a procedure 20 pln
Japanese manicure 100 pln
Hand care (peeling, mask, cream) 60 pln
Hand massage   60 pln
* each manicure includes care peeling, mask, cream.