SPA is open from Monday to Sunday  7:00 to 20:00 (opening hours may change due to seasonality)

For the safety of procedures performer in Spa, the staff may refuse to perform a procedure, if the medical conditio of the guest excludes such possibility. health precludes this. In such a situation our therapists will offer a more appropriate treatment.

We recommend booking of  treatments a few days before their scheduled date. In the absence of prior reservation we cannot guarantee the procedure.

For the comfort of you and other guests, please do not bring  cel phones or mute them and hush the conversation.

Hotel guests are requested to come to the SPA wearing a bathrobe and flip-flops.

To fully prepare the body for the beneficial effects of cosmetics, we recommend a short shower before treatments.

If you have any doubts, concerns or questions about procedures performed, please ask the spa therapist for explanations.

We respect your privacy. Therefore, when we do treatment on the body, we offer a one-time underwear. During the massage the only exposed part of the body, is the one being massaged.

We do not recommend eating heavy meals before rituals and massages.

SPA reserves the right to refuse to perform a treatment if the guest is under the influence of alcohol, other drugs or improper behaviour (sexual propositions, aggression etc. ) We reserve the right to terminate the procedure and charge the full amount for this treatment.

People  under 16 years of age, treatments are performed with the consent or in the presence of guardians.

Using video cameras and cameras on the SPA premises is prohibited.

In the case of execution of a invitation or a discount coupon, please inform about i tour therapist before the treatment. After completion of the treatment rebates will not be accepted.

This policy denotes that clients will be charged 100% of the treatment cost if appointments are not cancelled in 24 hours.

Please help us in complying the rules of procedure for the preservation of the unique character of our Spa.